European Economics Project !!!

This is refereed just to 4 of us :

  1. Hunor Hunyadi   –    1`st Question
  2. Bălc Alexandru   –    4`th Question
  3. Hollo Henrietta   –   3`rd Question
  4. Tekse Dorottya    –   2`nd Question

Studies :

  1. Studiu 1
  2. Studiu 2
  3. Studiu 3
  4. Studiu 4

And questions :

  1. Define the process of global integration and regional integration and what are the main causes and effects of these two processes.
  2. Do you support the view according to which globalization leads to increased poverty or no? Explain.
  3. What is the importance of global integration phenomenon upon global economies considering efficiency and economic growth?
  4. What trend do you anticipate will characterize the global integration process in the near future from the point of view of the emerging and developed economies?

Topic 1 European Economy



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